Discover the gaur that instills feаг in lions, jaguars and bears.

Owning a solid, muscular body like these Belgian green cows is probably the dream of many men.

Although there is no need to participate in animal fitness centers , green cows can still possess a muscular body like bodybuilders.

The giant body of the Belgian blue cow breed.

Green cow is a breed of cow originating from Belgium. This is a hybrid cow with very developed muscles, especially the rump. While bulls weigh between 800 – 1,100kg, cows are also around 600 – 700kg.

Muscles develop, especially the buttocks.

With a characteristic muscular appearance, Belgian blue cows are also likened to giant super cows.

ѕtгoпɡ and voluptuous muscles make people even jealous.

Compared to the common cow, the Belgian blue cow has 40% more muscle development than normal. In addition, they also grow very quickly and are capable of producing high-protein milk.

This is a breed of cow that provides a rich source of protein.

Although possessing a muscular body that makes people jealous, if it is too developed, it turns into a dіѕeаѕe of muscle hyperplasia in cows. This is a dіѕeаѕe that causes the growth of abnormal cells in the muscle rather than causing the body to enlarge.

It is known that the name green cow is derived from the characteristic blue stripe of this cow. However, stripes can appear in a variety of colors from white to black.

However, muscle growth can complicate bovine hyperplasia.


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