The leopard helplessly observed as hyenas and wіɩd dogs engaged in a fіeгсe Ьаttɩe, attempting to pilfer the ргeу it had recently һᴜпted, despite the leopard’s efforts to hoist it up a tall tree.

An interesting moment about the bait war between wild animals that happened in Kruger National Park, South Africa, was directly recorded by photographer Wayne. The short video lasted less than 5 minutes, but attracted hundreds of thousands of views on social media platforms.

According to photographer Wayne, he and the tour group had just left the camp when they heard chaotic sounds. They immediately moved to the riverside area when they discovered a fierce battle was taking place. It was a scene where a leopard had just defeated an antelope, but before it could enjoy its prey, its other “foreign” opponents appeared.

“When the leopard was trying to pull its prey away, a wild dog followed. Initially, the leopard was able to chase the opponent, but the dog was able to call his fellows.

The herd of wild dogs consists of 11 adults and 10 young. They leave their prey on the ground to compete with each other. The antelope was still alive at that time and took the opportunity to flee, but was knocked down by the wild dogs,” Wagne said.

Although catching antelope, the leopard “did not get a piece”. He had to watch the wild dogs deal with the meal. They constantly growl, threatening the opponent.

But the dogs did not keep the meal for too long. Because right after that, two hungry hyenas suddenly rushed to the “scene”. They pushed the dogs aside, and then devoured their prey. Not long after, the third hyena appeared with “participation”.

Seeing that, the dogs tried to rush in to steal the remaining meat but failed. The hyenas finished eating the antelope in just a few minutes. Sometimes, they stop eating to growl at the dogs.

Meanwhile, the leopard watched the hyenas from afar to see if they could pick up any more pieces of meat, but in the end there was nothing left for it.