Unlikely Heroes: Hippos Brave the Ьаttɩe, Rescuing Wildebeest from Crocodile аttасk in jаw-Dropping Moment

The astonishing footage in South Africa’s Kruger Wildlife Park was captured by Chasin Africa Safaris.


The wildebeest is shown being attacked on the banks of a river and getting its heads caught in the jaws of a massive Nile crocodile.

A second enormous reptile then swoops, biting its tail as the pair begin dragging it into the water in a bid to drown it.

But a group of hippos nearby decide to intervene and begin surrounding the wildebeest to prevent the crocodiles killing it.

Hippos stop wildebeest being eaten by crocodile in SA | Daily Mail Online

Incredibly, the animal then manages to swim out of the water and on to the opposing riverbank with only a foot injury.

The brutal attack is watched by a group of hippos in the South African national parkAfter watching the attack, a group of hippos intervene – biting at the huge crocodiles

One hippo manages to free the prey animal from the croc’s jaws

The hippos watch over the wounded animal as it escapes the attack and makes its way towards the shore