Amidst the sweltering heat, a forsaken puppy was fortunate to encounter a compassionate individual who rescued it from the highway.

A puppy that had been abandoned was discovered on a highway close to Wamego on Saturday and has since found a new home.

On their journey to Manhattan, Coleman Electric employees discovered a puppy in a car carrier. Matt McMillan and Steve McLean were able to flag down the double-decker truck carrier with the assistance of the drivers. In order to save the dog, they were successful in getting the car to stop.

After the rescue, Mcmillan looked after the dog on the job site. Karmel, a retriever-lab mix puppy, is 4 months old.

Since we found her, she just sat down at your feet because she is the sweetest puppy, Mcmillan said. I think she needed to catch up and regain some strength because she had slept most of the previous two days.

Crime Stoppers is now offering bigger cash rewards in return for information on a body found in west Wichita. Mcmillan believed he could not live without her after recently losing one of his own dogs.

On Tuesday, Mcmillan brought the dog to be chipped. The original owners responded that they did not want her back when they were contacted. In the beginning, the dog was brought home from a shelter in Manhattan.


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