An Unbreakable Connection: Woman’s Courageous Act to Preserve the Life of a Horse

We all love our pets. Many of us swear we would put our lives on the line for them if they were ever in danger. Well, this week that is exactly what happened to a woman in Geelong, Victoria in Australia. Her afternoon started out as a fun ride on the beach with her daughter and their favorite horses. She loved this ride as it was very beautiful along the shoreline. But what happened to her that afternoon ending up testing her strength and dedication to her beloved horse.

As they were riding along both her horse and her daughter’s horse suddenly sunk neck deep into the thick mud of Avalon Beach. The woman, Nicole Graham, managed to free herself and immediately went to the aid of her daughter. She was able to get her daughter and her daughter’s horse out of the mud. But when she went back to her own horse, it proved to be impossible to get him out. As her daughter left to get help, Nicole stayed in the mud with her 18 year old horse, Astro. For three hours she had to keep his head raised because the tide was coming in and the horse could drown.

Members of the fire department, emergency services, and a vet all attempted to free the 1,100-pound horse. During it all, Nicole was calming her horse through every attempt and holding his nose above the water. First they tried using fire hoses, then a winch. Making little progress, the vet, Stacey Sullivan, sedated him so that he could be pulled out with a tractor. Fortunately they were able to pull him out before the tide came in. Happily Nicole Graham and the rescuers were then able lead Astro away from the beach after he was finally freed from the mud. Other than being completely covered in mud, Astro, the horse was no worse for the wear thanks to the love and determination of his owner, Nicole, to save him.

Check out the incredible rescue photos below.

Newspix via Rex USA

Nicole Graham holds her horse Astro’s head above the rising tide after he got stuck in the mud.

Members of the fire department and the emergency services try to free the 1,100 pound horse with fire hoses, then a winch. Making little progress, vet Stacey Sullivan decides to sedate him and pull him clear with a tractor.

Astro tries to pull himself out of the mud after his front legs are clear.

Headed home! Graham and the rescuers lead Astro away from the beach after he was finally freed of the mud.



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