Every Day, Compassionate Mother Braves the Streets, Seeking Food to Feed Her Pups

Indra, the mother dog, was a powerful and caring mother. She had been born on the streets and had always battled to provide for herself and her puppies. But no matter how awful it became, she never gave up. One day, when she was out foraging for food, she suddenly felt a terrible ache in her rear leg.

*She tried to put weight on it, but it wouldn’t support her. She had got polio and was now unable to walk normally. Despite her condition, Indra refused to let it stop her from getting food for her puppies.

She pulled herself along, using her front legs to force herself ahead. The rain was pouring down, wetting her fur, but she never lost her will. Days passed into weeks and weeks evolved into months. Indra and her puppies were growing weaker, yet she never gave up. She continued to look for food, even though it was getting increasingly difficult.


Indra was thrilled at the love and care she and her puppies were receiving. She no longer had to fight to get food, and her puppies were finally safe and healthy. She was a dedicated mother, always watching over her children and protecting them.

Years went on, and Indra’s puppies grew up and left the nest. But Indra never forgot the generosity that had been given to her and her family. She lived the remainder of her days in her warm and loving home, surrounded by the love and care of the wonderful woman who had saved her. And although she could never walk normally again, her soul was unbroken and her love for her children was unshakeable.


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