Exploring the Enchanting World of Bird Fascination – Chalcomitra senegalensis

The scarlet-chested sunbird (Chalcomitra senegalensis) is approximately 15 centimeters tall and weighs 14 grams. The male’s feathers are black with iridescent emerald green on the crown and mandible. The neck and upper thorax are crimson. The bill, feet, and thighs are all black. The eye color is brown.

The male Chalcomitra senegalensis has significantly different physical characteristics than the female bird.

The female Scarlet-chested sunbird has greyish olive upperparts and extensively mottled underparts, distinguishing it from the female African black sunbird.

This species inhabits sub-Saharan Africa, from southern Mauritania and Guinea to Ethiopia, as well as northern Namibia and north-eastern South Africa.

The crimson-breasted sunbird predominantly inhabits dry savannas and scrublands. However, they are also found in arid grasslands, orchards, and rural gardens, as well as in arable land and urban parks and gardens.

The crimson-chested sunbird consumes nectar, insects, and arachnid for food. This sunbird prefers aloe nectar and will either perch or hover to feed.

Although Scarlet-chested sunbirds can breed throughout the year, this fluctuates across their range. The female builds an oval-shaped nest about 2-10 meters above the earth, suspended from the end of a branch. The nest is composed of grasses, decaying leaves, plant down, and spider web, and is embellished with seeds, leaves, strings, feathers, and occasionally bits of paper. Up to three cream, greenish, or pinkish eggs with dark markings are laid by the female. They are incubated for approximately 13 to 15 days. After hatching, the chicks are nourished by both parents for 15 to 20 days before becoming independent.

On the IUCN Red List, this bird is categorized as Least Concern because it has a large breeding range and is abundant and ubiquitous in savanna woodlands. In the absence of evidence for declines or significant threats, it is likely that the population is stable.


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