The Poor Dog That Was Abandoned With Only Skin, Bones, And Almost All Of Its Hair Was Missing, Fortunate To Find Love From A New Owner (VIDEO)

It is almost impossible to understand what drives a person to abandon their dog on the street, instead of entrusting it to the protection of animal shelters.

The causes that lead to abandonment are various: from lack of financial availability, to the loss of a home, to lack of time. But it would be enough to have the foresight to entrust your pet to a kennel, to avoid a great deal of suffering. The story of this abandoned dog is a testament to this aspect of human irresponsibility.

Therefore, we cannot explain why the owner of the dog in question chose to leave her on the side of the road. The owner of this dog abandoned him because he was sick, choosing the animal to face hunger and despair. Malfalda – this is the name of the dog – was found on the side of the road, severely malnourished and devoid of most of her hair . For the rescuers, who immediately ascertained the seriousness of her situation, it was clear that Mafalda had been starving for months.

The vets who visited the animal confirmed the criticality of his conditions. Mafalda was so undernourished that it was not possible to proceed with normal recovery therapy.

Specific precautions had to be taken, because her stomach would not have been able to handle a quantity of food usual for other dogs. Thus, the dog began to feed gradually , initially ingesting only small quantities of specific foods.

It took weeks for Mafalda to regain the ability to eat like her fellows. Furthermore, the rescuers had decided to completely shave her hair, hoping that her care would make it grow back evenly.

Luckily, everything worked out for the best.

Thanks to her patience and determination, Mafalda underwent a miraculous change and returned to playing and having fun. Now she has a new master who doesn’t let her miss anything: finally the unfortunate dog can live with all the light-heartedness she has always deserved.

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