Unimaginable Rescue Mission: Observe the Heart-Stopping Bull Elk Rescue in this Captivating Video.

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We’ve seen some great deer rescue videos before, but today’s clip might be more heart-pounding and dramatic than any of them.

The video comes to us from the Fatal Impact Outdoors channel on YouTube. The two gentlemen in the video are Dana and Daniel. They were out chasing elk when they spotted antlers from the top of a nearby hill.

They went in for a closer look, and were shocked to find a nice juvenile bull stuck up to his neck in mud.

The bull was cold and weak, and likely didn’t have long to live. So they did the right thing and came up with a plan to get him out.

Plan #1 involved finding a log that could provide enough leverage to boost the animal out. It didn’t work.

At great personal risk, they kept trying.

I would encourage you to watch the whole thing, but if you want the highlights, check out 1:30-2:00 (when the bull starts getting angry) and 4:15-5:00 (when they finally get him out).

I’ve never seen two hunters do so much to save an animal. These guys risked life and limb (and one of them takes a tine to the thigh, which is definitely going to hurt when the adrenaline wears off) to save a beautiful creature from certain death.

Great work, Dana and Daniel. You give sportsmen everywhere a good name.

That’ll be a nice bull in future seasons.